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SAISAI ThinLINEAkashiya Brush Pen Koto



These individually hand-made brush pens come to you with AKASHIYA's complete assurance of the highest quality.
The unique brush tip allows you to use specialized stroke techniques such as Hane, Tome and Harai.

Pen bodies are wrapped in Japanese Washi paper with elegantly colored Kyo-yuzen designs and stylishly colored Edo-komon designs. Both are representative of Japanese traditional designs.

  • The Kyo-yuzen dyeing method was born in the Genroku Era of about 300 years ago. It is one of Japan's unique technologies developed for creating colorful, picturesque patterns.
    Kyo-yuzen is characterized by drawings of beautiful bird & flower patterns and landscape patterns.
  • Edo-komon was the Edo era (17-19C) traditional pattern used only for the samurai's ceremonial attire in the Edo era (17-19C). Overtime, this pattern came into use throughout the general population.

※Ordered by series, not by individual color or design.



JAN 49 63095 903464

Product size 10Diameter×178mm
Individual package size W15×H177×D15mm


JAN 49 63095 900166

Product size 10Diameter×178mm
Individual package size W42×H228×D12mm

SAW-500 Display set of 20 pcs, assorted patterns

Display set size 110Diameter×H120mm

Koto Display set of 40 pcs, assorted patterns

Display set size W332×H268×D152mm

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